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Initial Consultation for Canadian Immigration

Get an Initial Consultation

Mesidor Canadian Immigration Services will be glad to answer your questions in relation to your Canadian immigration project and provide you with the most appropriate advice and guidance. We will also help you explore different immigration programs that might be available to you. The first step toward your potential Canadian immigration journey is scheduling an Initial Consultation with us. Below we explain the nature, the purpose, the fees, and the modalities of the Initial Consultation. 

The Initial Consultation (sometimes referred to simply as “consultation”) is a process by which we listen to your description and/or questions in relation to your immigration plan(s) for yourself (or a relative or friend of yours) and offer you relevant and appropriate guidance and answers. At the end of the consultation and based on the outcomes, we will advise you of the next appropriate step(s) and requirement(s).  

What is the fee for the initial consultation?

The cost of the Initial Consultation is CAN $ 280 per case. A case means a family, that is, father, mother and children under the age of 22. The $ 280 includes applicable taxes and / or administration fees, but not fees that a third party (such as PayPal, for example) may charge to facilitate the transaction. The initial consultation fee must be paid before the consultation can take place.

Please note that at the end of the consultation, we may have to inform you that there are no immediately available options in the Canadian immigration system for what you want to do for yourself or your relative or friend. In that case, we will help you understand why no options are available to you at the time of the consultation and what (if anything) can be done about it.

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