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Visit Canada

Thinking of Visiting Canada? You're making a fantastic choice! Canada warmly welcomes over 35 million visitors each year. Whether you're planning a short trip or an extended visit, you'll need the right travel authorization based on your citizenship.

Entry Requirements

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About TRVs

A TRV, often called a visa, is your ticket to Canada, showing you met the entry requirements at the time of application. It can be for a single visit or multiple entries.

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Regular TRV:

Super Visa:

Typically allows a six-month stay.

Specifically for parents and grandparents, allowing a two-year stay. Extensions are possible for both visas from within Canada.

Important to Remember:

Having a TRV allows you to travel to Canada, but the final admission is decided by immigration officers at your point of entry. They must be convinced of your intention to leave Canada after your visit

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