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Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

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At Mesidor Canadian Immigration Services, our mission is to deliver exceptional support throughout your immigration journey, ensuring a seamless experience by:

  • Attentively addressing your questions and concerns, offering expert advice and guidance tailored to your unique circumstances;

  • Thoroughly evaluating your individual situation to present you with the most suitable options and paths to Canadian immigration;

  • Diligently representing your interests by meticulously preparing, submitting, and monitoring your Canadian immigration application, ensuring every detail is handled with precision;

  • Preparing you for interviews or hearings by providing comprehensive support, and accompanying you as needed, to instill confidence throughout the process.


At Mesidor Canadian Immigration Services, our vision is to leverage our extensive expertise in the Canadian immigration landscape, to empower non-Canadian residents to successfully transition to life in Canada and help Canadian residents to enhance their status and reunite with family members. We are dedicated to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, facilitating seamless immigration experiences for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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Core Values

At Mesidor Canadian Immigration Services, we value:


  • Good faith. We discharge, in good faith, all responsibilities to clients, government agencies, the IRB, colleagues, and any others affected in the course of our practice.


  • Competence. We continue, at all times, to be competent to perform any services we undertake for our clients in our practice, and we do not undertake any task or service that we are not fully competent by knowledge and experience to handle.


  • Quality of service. We do our best efforts to meet all applicable deadlines; conduct our client affairs in an efficient, cost-effective manner; communicate with our clients at all necessary stages of a matter in a timely and effective way; engage an interpreter or other help when necessary for competent service; and pursue the appropriate professional development training to maintain and enhance our knowledge and skills.


  • Confidentiality. We hold in strict confidence, at all times, all information concerning the personal and business affairs of our clients, and do not disclose such information unless we are authorized by the client, obligated to do so under provincial or federal law, or we believe that the disclosure is necessary to defend allegations made against us in a court or administrative tribunal (including CICC).

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