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Come to Work in Canada

To be able to work in Canada, a foreigner needs a work permit. Canadian employers are expected to comply with the Canadian immigration laws in this regard and ensure they only employ workers who have a work permit. 

A work permit is a written authorization that can be issued to a foreign national authorizing him or her to engage in work in Canada. Depending on the nature of the work to be performed, its duration, the worker's country of citizenship, etc., different rules and requirements apply.

Most job positions require a Canadian employer to have a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before they can offer employment to a foreigner and for the latter to be able to apply for a Work Permit. Generally, before a Canadian employer can offer a job to a foreigner, he or she needs to demonstrate to the Canadian government that no qualified Canadian citizen or permanent resident is available for and willing to do the job.


A foreign worker cannot come to work in Canada at the expense of the locally available workforce. In addition to all that, the Canadian employer needs to show that the foreign worker will be given a salary and benefits that meet federal and provincial standards.

If you are an employer and want to know more about how you can bring in or hire a foreign worker, we'll be glad to provide you with a consultation. Similarly, if you are a non-Canadian citizen or permanent resident and would like to explore the possibility of coming to work in Canada temporarily, Contact us.

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