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Sponsor your parents for a Super Visa

Sponsor Your Parents for a Super Visa

Canada welcomes more than 35 million temporary residents (non-immigrants) each year.


Depending on your country of citizenship, you may need a Temporary Residence Visa (TRV), or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to be able to enter Canada. Unless you are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or an Indigenous person, you will require permission to enter Canada.

Similarly, if you want to invite your parents or grandparents to Canada, they may need to apply for super visa, which is also a type of TRV for which only parents and grandparents are eligible.


A TRV (commonly referred to as visa) is a document issued by a Canadian Immigration Visa Office outside Canada. This document means that, at the time of applying for the TRV, the holder satisfied the requirements for admission to Canada as a visitor. TRVs may be for single entry or multiple entry. As a general rule, the holder of a regular TRV is admitted to Canada for a period of six months. Parents and grandparents who hold Super visa are admitted for two years. A TRV holder who needs to stay longer in Canada may apply for an extension of stay from within Canada.


It is important to note that a valid TRV is only an authorization for someone to embark on a vessel and present oneself to a Port of Entry (POE). It is there an immigration Officer will make the final decision to admit the visitor into Canada. Immigration officers at a Port of Entry can deny admission to anyone who, in their opinion, do not intend to leave Canada at the expiry of their visitor status.


Contact us today and we will help you get started on the process of applying for a regular visitor's visa or a Parent/Grandparent Super visa.

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