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Apply for a travel document (Travel Document)

Apply for a Travel Document

Travel documents are grouped into two which non-Canadians use when travelling. They are refugee travel document and certificate of identity.


These documents are issued to:

  • Convention refugees

  • protected persons

  • stateless persons

  • permanent residents of Canada in special circumstances

The issuing office decides how long your travel document is valid for once they receive your application. However, you can’t use a travel document to go to your country of citizenship. Some countries may also not accept your travel document as a valid piece of identification. Also, when you apply for a travel document for you or your child, you must be in Canada.


You can apply for a travel document for a child (under the age of 16) if you are one of the following:

  • one of the child’s parents with proof of parentage

  • if separated or divorced, the custodial parent with all the necessary legal documents

  • the child’s legal guardian with proof of legal guardianship

After applying for a travel document and your application is incomplete, they'll return it to you. If they start processing your application, you will not get a full refund if you cancel your application or you do not respond to their requests for more information or documents. You also need to request a refund if you paid your fees online or they returned your application to you because it’s incomplete and you did not resubmit the application. In case they refuse your application, you won't get the full-service fee back. They will only refund the consular fee by doing it automatically.

Once they approve your application, your travel document and your original documents will be mailed to you. They may be in two separate packages. When you receive your travel document, you need to make sure the information is accurate, sign your travel document and complete the address and emergency contact information section.

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