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The Skilled Trades Ontario faces changes to the trades registration system

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The Skilled Trades Ontario faces changes to the trades registration system

The Ontario College of Trades, now known as Skilled Trades Ontario, faced significant changes to the trades registration system in Ontario following the passage of the Building Opportunities in the Skilled Trades Act, 2021.

Currently, Skilled Trades Ontario does not operate on a membership basis. The Skilled Trades Ontario Public Register will only display the information of applicants practicing compulsory trades. However, the applicants must possess a valid Registered Training Agreement, Provisional Certificate of Qualification, or Certificate of Qualification to practice a compulsory trade in the province.

There are different kinds of certificates that may be issued under the Act. Certificates of qualification may be issued in respect of trades for which a certifying examination is required and certificates of apprenticeship may also be issued to a person who successfully completes an apprenticeship program.

When a certificate of apprenticeship is issued to a person in a trade where a certifying examination is required, the person will also be issued a provisional certificate of qualification. The Act also contains provisions regarding the refusal to issue certificates, the imposition of conditions and limitations on certificates, and the suspension and revocation of certificates.

Under Skilled Trades Ontario, the Ontario College of Trades continues to operate without share capital. The Act contains several provisions regarding the administration and governance of the Corporation, including the powers and duties of the Registrar of the Corporation.

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