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The LMIA application processing times take longer after updating the system

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

The LMIA application processing times take longer after updating the system

Service Canada has encountered unforeseen technical issues after updating the system to modernize and improve the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) processing. Due to that, applicants may experience longer processing times as well as longer waiting times for requests such as name additions or changes.

In order to avoid duplication and further delays, applicants who have already submitted their requests are asked not to submit new ones. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications online. Service Canada says that efforts are being made to minimize the impact of this and resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Many factors must be considered in order to issue an LMIA decision. You can help reduce delays in processing your application by:

  • ensuring your Labour Market Impact Assessment application is complete before it is submitted

  • responding promptly to Service Canada's requests for additional information or documentation

The table below shows the average Labour Market Impact Assessment processing times for November 2021.

Application type

Average processing time

Global Talent Stream

14 business days

Agricultural stream

31 business days

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

18 business days

Permanent residence stream

50 business days

In-home caregivers

36 business days

High-wage stream

60 business days

Low-wage stream

​58 business days

Note that for more efficient LMIA application process, Service Canada strongly recommends that you submit your applications electronically using the LMIA Online portal.

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