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Sean Fraser answered questions of PGWP-holders

Sean Fraser answered questions of PGWP-holders

The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC), Sean Fraser answered questions from post-graduate work permit holders in an online meeting.

According to the minister, there are a great number of people who have completed their studies and have a PGWP. Many of these foreign nationals feel insecure since their PGWPs are expiring, and they have not been able to apply for permanent residency (PR) yet.

The minister explained that IRCC is looking for different options to make sure not to lose these candidates as the government tries to keep these skilled candidates in Canada to tackle the labour shortages in the country.

Newcomers played an essential role on the frontlines of the pandemic in the hospitals, food production, agricultural operations on farms, both large and small all across the country. The number of permanent residents welcomed to Canada in 2021 was over 405,000 which was the highest number ever.

Immigrants bring many opportunities to our country, but they also have challenges. Immigrants helps grow the country's economy, immigration strengthens the communities across the country by making them more vibrant and dynamic places to live.

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