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New update for temporary residents in Canada

New update for temporary residents in Canada

The government of Canada has introduced a new program delivery update for processing procedures for temporary resident applications.

The Temporary Resident Program Delivery (TRPD) Division has fixed the broken link regarding the maintained status (previously called implied status) of temporary resident applications. If an applicant submits a second application during their authorized stay in Canada, their status is maintained until a decision is made on the second application.

The date and time of receipt of the application are important for determining if the status is maintained under subsection R183(5). For Electronic Applications (EAs), the department uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) around the world to ensure an equal time zone.

The date and time of receipt do not depend on time zones so all applications must be submitted before midnight UTC on the date the applicant's status expires. Under subsection R183(5), the applicant's status does not remain valid if the application was received after midnight UTC on the date of expiry.

When a temporary resident also applies for renewal of their work or study permit before the expiry of their existing permit, and the permit expires before a decision is reached, paragraph R186(u) or section R189 permits them to work or study without a permit under the same conditions while their application for renewal is determined, and only while they remain in Canada.

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