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Immigrants help Canada deal with its labour shortage

Immigrants help Canada deal with its labour shortage

Inflation in Canada is at record levels, at least in part owing to a severe labour scarcity that is prompting companies to offer bigger and higher salaries for the few workers who are accessible.

The share of young adults in the country's population fell when immigration to Canada dropped to just under 185,000 new permanent residents in 2020, as immigrants and temporary visitors are generally young adults in their twenties or thirties. In 2021, Canada welcomed its highest number of immigrants in history, with 405,970 new permanent residents.

In Addition, the government was attempting to recruit newcomers and temporary foreign workers to come to Canada to fill open jobs as there were not enough competent applicants.

Some of the programs for temporary worker include:

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program

  • International Mobility Program

  • Post-Graduation Work Permit Program

  • International Experience Canada

Canada's economy is more dependent than ever on immigration since their strong economic growth outpaces their ability to hire and retain workers. As a result, this makes Canada a top destination for global talent.


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