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Canadian residents and permanent residents are advised not to travel to Ukraine

Canadian residents and permanent residents are advised not to travel to Ukraine

The government of Canada published Canada’s response to the crisis in Ukraine and advised to avoid all travel on February 24, 2022.

Canadians living in Ukraine should shelter in place unless they can safely leave the country. The Emergency Watch and Response Centre (EWRC) is providing 24/7 emergency consular assistance to those in need. Canadian permanent residents without a valid PR card can apply for a permanent resident travel document to travel back to Canada.

On February 14, 2022, Canada announced a $500 million loan to the Ukrainian government under the Bretton Woods and Related Agreements Act, as well as a $120 million loan through the Sovereign Loans Program (SLP) to support the country's economic resilience. The Canadian government also offered a technical assistance grant of up to $6 million to support the loan's implementation.

The government also announced an additional $35 million in development funding for partners in Ukraine that are well-positioned to scale up the programming, respond to evolving needs, and have the means to deliver them if conditions worsen. This will also increase support for peace and security initiatives and services for those affected by the conflict, especially women and marginalized groups.

Again, the government will provide $15 million in humanitarian assistance to Ukraine in 2022 to support experienced partners on the ground responding to humanitarian needs as they evolve. As a result of this contribution, partners will be able to provide protection assistance, emergency health services, water and sanitation, shelter, and food assistance.


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