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  • Arisnel Mesidor, M.A., RCIC

Canada clarified instructions for the Atlantic Immigration Program

Canada clarified instructions for the Atlantic Immigration Program

The government of Canada published updated instructions on March 30, 2022, regarding the process of adding dependents to an existing Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) permanent residence (PR) application.

After applying for a PR via the AIP, if a principal applicant (PA) changes his/her family composition (marries, gets a common-law partner, or has a child), the application must be updated accordingly. The applicant must send his/her add-on request through IRCC’s webform and attach the required supporting documents.

Applicants for permanent residence who hold work permits and then change employers under the AIPP, must immediately:

  • inform the province in writing of the change in employers

  • ask the province to modify the endorsement certificate to reflect the new employer and the effective date of the change, along with all other pertinent information

  • ask the province to provide a letter of support, which indicates that the province continues to support the endorsement (newly amended) for PR under the AIPP

  • inform IRCC of the change in employment using the web form, and upload the modified endorsement certificate and the new letter of support from the province through the web form

It is important to know that the principal applicant (PA) can change employers when both of the employers (the old employer and the new employer) are designated under AIPP.

Also, if you are changing from a designated AIPP employer to a designated AIP employer after submitting an AIPP PR application, you cannot use the change of employers procedure, as the PR requirements for both programs (AIPP and AIP) are different.

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