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A new case status tracker for family class permanent residence applications has been launched

Canada launched a new case status tracker for family class permanent residence applications

The government of Canada announced the launch of its new online case status tracker on February 8, 2022, which will make it easier for permanent residents to check the status of their applications online.

The new system has been launched under the government’s recent announcement on modernizing Canada’s immigration system to improve client experience. For now, only the permanent residence applicants in the spouse, partner, and dependent child categories will be able to use the tracker.

In the upcoming months, additional applicant groups will also be able to use the tracker. As IRCC implements measures to improve the client experience, they also focused on reducing processing times for applicants. For new spousal sponsorship applications, the average processing time has been returned to 12 months for new applicants as a result of the efforts made to date.

Every year, IRCC interacts with millions of clients across Canada and around the world. They receive a large volume of application update requests via telephone and by email at their Client Support Centre. Therefore, they want to make sure clients get timely answers to their application inquiries online.

IRCC is also implementing digital case status tracking as part of its ongoing efforts to provide meaningful and transparent information to clients, as well as to modernize their services to better serve clients.

In 2021, the government made over 500,000 decisions and welcomed over 405,000 new permanent residents which was the highest number in a year in Canadian history.

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