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Pass Canadian Citizenship to Your Child

Before July 2020, only biological parents were able to pass down their Canadian citizenship to their children but after July 2020, non-biological parents can pass down their Canadian citizenship to their children who were born outside Canada if they are the legal parent of the child at birth.

You can pass down your Canadian citizenship to your child by applying for a citizenship certificate. You need to submit a copy of your child’s original birth certificate or record with your application and if needed, they will request your supporting documents to make sure you can pass down your citizenship to your child.

If your adopted child was born outside Canada, they’re not a Canadian citizen. Therefore, you need to apply for your adopted child to become a Canadian citizen. If you apply for a certificate directly, they will return your application.

If your minor child is a permanent resident, you do not need to apply directly for a citizenship certificate but apply for your child’s Canadian citizenship.

When applying for a Canadian certificate, you can apply either online or on paper. After applying and they receive your application, they will review your application to make sure it is complete. If your case is complex, they may contact you to get more information or documents. They may also need more time to process your application. There may be a delay between when they receive your application and when they start processing it.

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