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Canadian immigration assessment

Get Assessed for Canadian Immigration

The Canadian Immigration Assessment is a process by which we build your immigration profile and assess it for various Canadian immigration programs designed for professionals (or skilled workers). Your profile will be assessed first for the Federal Skilled Worker Program as well as the Provincial Nominee Programs that match your profile. Upon completion of the assessment, based on the results, we will notify you of the program (s) (if any) that best match your profile and the appropriate next steps and requirements.
Please note that after completion of the assessment, we may need to inform you that there are currently no Skilled Worker programs currently in operation in Canada for which your profile is both qualified and competitive. In such an event, we will help you understand how your profile could be improved to meet the requirements of at least one Canadian immigration program designed for professionals like you.

The Canadian Immigration Assessment can take up to four weeks to complete. The process may involve the following:

  1. check the information you entered in a previously completed evaluation form and make the necessary corrections;

  2. complete several evaluation forms with you or on your behalf;

  3. review the documents you have provided to us;

  4. Meet you in person or virtually to discuss your immigration profile

What are the fees for the Canadian Immigration Assessment?

The Canadian Immigration Assessment fee is CAD $ 750. The evaluation fee includes applicable taxes and / or administration fees, but not fees that a third party (such as PayPal, for example) may charge to facilitate the transaction. The Canadian Immigration Assessment fee must be paid before the process can begin  

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