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Why International Students Choose Canada: A Comprehensive Analysis

Canada's reputation as a favored destination for international students is not just an accident of geography or a by-product of bilingualism. It is a reflection of a well-rounded educational system, a multicultural and inclusive society, and a supportive post-graduation work environment.

Recent studies have illustrated this appeal in tangible terms. An Emerging Futures survey conducted by IDP Education in March 2023 polled over 21,000 prospective and current international students from diverse countries such as Nigeria, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Among the top four preferred study destinations – the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia – Canada remains the most attractive. One compelling factor behind this choice is the availability of post-study work opportunities.

Post-graduation work programs are a significant factor in driving demand for international education in Canada. The chance to gain relevant experience is a more enticing factor than the length of the stay after finishing courses. Approximately 65% of students prioritized gaining experience over the length of the stay (48%).

International students in Canada

Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada, which allows international students to work for any employer for up to three years, is a testament to this. With this permit, students can gain Canadian experience, which often proves critical in securing employment in the initial year after graduation.

However, the allure of studying in Canada is not limited to the robust education system or the potential for post-graduation work. Canada’s commitment to fostering a multicultural and inclusive society is apparent in its policies and practices. The government’s Action Plan for Official Languages, with a proposed budget of over $3.8 billion for 2023-28, aims to protect and promote Canada's two official languages.

Moreover, the government has proposed several measures to support marginalized communities, fight racism, and enhance gender equality, promoting an inclusive society that respects diversity. The government also recognizes the need to protect its residents from foreign interference, proposing a budget to enhance the protection of Canadians from harassment and intimidation.

These values and measures make Canada not just a safe place to study, but a society where students from different backgrounds can feel valued and included.

Choosing to study abroad is a significant decision, often defined by a combination of factors, including educational opportunities, work prospects, safety, and inclusivity. As our exploration shows, Canada consistently ranks high on these parameters, offering international students a comprehensive package that goes beyond mere academics.

While the journey to studying in Canada might seem daunting, remember, help is at hand. At Mesidor Canadian Immigration Services, we provide professional assistance to navigate the complexities of the immigration process. Reach out to us for all your Canadian immigration needs. We're here to support your dreams of studying in the beautiful and welcoming landscape of Canada.

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