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The job market in Canada reached a million vacancies

The job market in Canada reached a million vacancies

According to Statistics Canada's latest report, almost all Canadian provinces have exceeded their pre-pandemic payroll employment levels.

Employers in Canada were then working hard to fill a record high of more than a million open positions, which was exactly 1,012,900. In March, the service sector grew by 103,400 positions across the nation.

The accommodation and food services business added 46,200 full-time employees in March, with 14,800 of those coming from retail trade. In March, the number of paid occupations only in Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan remained virtually unchanged.

The hospitality sector in Quebec, on the other hand, exploded. The province's reopening of bars, taverns, and casinos resulted in 20,400 new paid employment in hotels and food services in March.


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