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The government of Canada has expanded settlement services for new immigrants

The government of Canada has expanded settlement services for new immigrants

On August 23, 2022, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced the expansion of critical resettlement capacity and settlement services in eastern Ontario. With an investment of $840,271, the government will help newcomers settle in small and rural communities, and access essential services during their first year in Canada.

In addition, the Conseil Economique et Social d’Ottawa-Carleton (CESOC) has also been provided with $605,648 additional funding to support the Refugee Resettlement Assistance Program, which delivers essential services to government-assisted refugees.

As part of settlement services, newcomers receive language training, assistance in finding a job, and connect with their communities in order to integrate successfully into Canadian society. The Resettlement Assistance Program and case management services call for proposals was conducted in August 2021, and this project from the CESOC was selected as a candidate to provide additional case management services to assist refugees and vulnerable newcomers in settling and adjusting to life in eastern Ontario.

Newcomers and refugees have long been a driving force behind Canada’s society and economy, and our country has a proud tradition of being an international leader in resettlement and integration.

The investment will extend case management services in Cornwall and surrounding areas in both English and French, which will assist vulnerable newcomers in settling into their new communities successfully. Resettlement Assistance Program supports government-assisted refugees and other eligible clients upon arrival in Canada in all provinces except Quebec. As part of the program, service providers are able to deliver immediate and essential services to newcomers by receiving direct financial support from the program.


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