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The first celebration of Canada Day by Afghan refugees

The first celebration of Canada Day by Afghan refugees

The government of Canada accepted more Afghan refugees on June 30, 2022. As of now, Canada has welcomed a total of 16,270 Afghan refugees.

On July 1, 2022, Canada marks the 155th anniversary of Confederation, and Afghan refugees will celebrate Canada Day for the first time.

The government of Canada aimed to bring at least 40,000 Afghan nationals to Canada through the special programs for Afghan refugees, as well as via the special immigration program for Afghan nationals who assisted Canadian forces in Afghanistan.

Afghan newcomers continue to demonstrate their generosity and resilience every day. In Canada, Afghan refugees have settled in more than 90 communities, including major urban centers like Toronto and Vancouver and smaller towns like Red Deer and Fredericton.

Canadians are proud to welcome Afghan refugees to Canada and help them adjust to life in the country by working with provinces, territories, settlement service providers and other stakeholders.


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