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The Entrepreneur program in Saskatchewan has a new schedule for 2022

The Entrepreneur program in Saskatchewan has a new schedule for 2022

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) Entrepreneur program has updated the Expression of Interest (EOI) pool selection schedule for 2022 on March 22, 2022.

The province will conduct the EOI pool selections on May 5, 2022, July 7, 2022, September 1, 2022, and November 3, 2022. The new update prohibits candidates from changing their business plans once they apply to the program.

Also, they cannot change their Business Performance Agreement after the SINP approval. In 2022, Saskatchewan has already issued 109 invitations through the Entrepreneur program.

If you are outside of Canada and your paper application for a work permit has not yet been processed, then you will need to resubmit it as an electronic application. However, the fees paid for the electronic application will be refunded at a later date once the paper application is reviewed by the government of Canada, or you can request a refund.

Note that extending the terms of Business Performance Agreements will be provided to entrepreneurs who need to temporarily amend their business operations due to the pandemic. Therefore, the SINP will support work permit extensions if necessary.

In addition, existing nominations for entrepreneurs will be supported if they remain in the province, continue their business operations, and are able to sustain themselves economically. Applicants or nominees will not be penalized if they access short-term income support during the pandemic, but nominees who close their businesses or move out of province may have their nominations withdrawn.


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