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Temporary foreign workers are subject to new regulations in Canada

Temporary foreign workers are subject to new regulations in Canada

The government of Canada announced on July 6, 2022 about the regulations amending the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and enhancing protections for temporary foreign workers coming to Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and the International Mobility Program (IMP).

According to the new instructions, employers hiring foreign workers under the TFWP will have to pay prevailing wages mandatory for an LMIA. The employers must also purchase private health insurance for the employee until provincial coverage starts or the temporary foreign worker is covered by the applicable provincial/territorial health insurance system.

In addition, employers are required to ensure that they have access to the most recent information on temporary foreign workers' rights and that the information is accessible in both official languages.

A copy of the employment agreement should be provided to the foreign nationals they hire and signed by the worker before sending the offer of employment to IRCC (for the International Mobility Program) or on or before the first day of work (for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program).

It is important to know that those employers who violate one or more of the program conditions may be subject to punishments, including warning letters, administrative monetary penalties and temporary or permanent program ineligibility.


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