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Saskatchewan wants to accept more immigrants to increase its population

Saskatchewan wants to accept more immigrants to increase its population

Saskatchewan is aiming to become the preferred destination for immigrants to Canada from across the world.

The province wants to prepare a new piece of legislation, allowing to increase the population to 1.4 million by 2030. The population of the province is now about 1.18 million people.

That implies Saskatchewan plans to add an additional 220,000 individuals to its population by 2030, or roughly 18.7 percent more than it has now. The province has unveiled its Labour Mobility and Fair Registration Practices Act in recent weeks to assist it to meet its target of attracting 100,000 new immigrants by 2030.

Some of the benefits of living in Saskatchewan include:

  • Housing costs are lower than in most major cities in Canada, and owning a home is affordable and achievable for most people

  • There are no personal premiums or personal charges for basic and needed health services unlike other Canadian provinces

  • The provincial sales tax of 6 percent is the lowest of any province that charges a sales tax

  • It costs less to get to and from work because the maximum commute time within major cities is about 20 minutes

Also, for pre-kindergarten to grade 12 education in public schools, there is no tuition fee for Saskatchewan residents. The Graduate Retention Program provides tuition rebates up to $20,000 to graduates of approved post-secondary programs.

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