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Saskatchewan's Immigration Opportunities Expand


In a significant move to enhance worker retention and address labour market shortages, Saskatchewan has recently broadened the scope of its Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). This strategic expansion is set to transform the province's labour landscape, providing a pathway to permanent residency for internationally trained workers in a wider range of occupations.

The SINP's Existing Work Permit stream, previously limited to high-skilled positions, now welcomes applications from those in intermediate and lower-skilled jobs. This inclusive approach reflects Saskatchewan's commitment to supporting its businesses and economy by retaining valuable international talent. As a result, an additional 279 occupations, including roles like farm labourers, truck drivers, and nurse aides, now qualify under the program.

For those holding an eligible work permit, a Labour Market Impact Assessment-Supported Work Permit, a Francophone mobility work permit, or the Canadian Ukrainian Authorization for Emergency Travel visa, the doors to permanent residency are now open. This policy change is particularly poignant for displaced Ukrainians, offering them a chance to rebuild their lives with security and stability in Saskatchewan.

The provincial government's initiative is a response to the pressing need for a diverse and robust workforce. With over 16,000 job vacancies and an anticipated 112,260 job openings in the next five years, Saskatchewan is proactively shaping an immigration policy that aligns with its economic and demographic needs.

Saskatchewan Immigration Opportunities are not just about filling vacancies; they're about enriching communities with diverse skills and experiences. By expanding the SINP, the province is not only offering a lifeline to those seeking refuge and a fresh start but also fortifying its own economic foundations for the future.

The move has been met with appreciation from stakeholders, including the Ukrainian Canadian Congress of Saskatchewan, which has lauded the government for its support of Ukrainian newcomers. Employers, too, recognize the expansion as a positive step towards addressing the labour shortage and supporting their employees through the immigration process.

Mesidor Canadian Immigration Services sees this as a beacon of hope for many of our clients. The expansion of Saskatchewan Immigration Opportunities signifies a progressive shift towards a more inclusive and supportive immigration system in Canada.


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