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Quebec will recognize Switzerland's credentials for healthcare workers

Quebec will recognize Switzerland's credentials for healthcare workers

The province of Quebec has signed an agreement with the Swiss government to recognize five groups of healthcare workers who received their training in Switzerland.

Under the mutual recognition agreement for foreign credentials signed June 14, Quebec and Switzerland will each recognize the professional qualifications of one another's dental hygienists, midwives, social workers, and family therapists, as well as dental appliance and prosthesis technicians.

Quebec has one of the most severe labour shortages in Canada. Despite the fact that the country is presently experiencing a tight job market with an all-time low unemployment rate of 5.1%, Quebec's unemployment rate is even lower, at 3.9 percent.

Nadine Girault, the province’s minister of inter-governmental affairs and the francophonie stated:

"Quebec and Switzerland both have established networks of world-class institutions of higher learning and highly-skilled professionals and so we are growing our pool of potential workers whose professional qualifications meet the standards set in Quebec"

Quebec immigration is estimated to increase to about 71,275 new permanent residents in 2022, up more than 41,7% from 50,285 last year, as the province tries to compensate for immigrants who were unable to return during the peak of the pandemic.

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