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PEI has introduced a new stream to fill in-demand jobs

PEI has introduced a new stream to fill in-demand jobs

On March 1, 2022, Prince Edward Island’s Office of Immigration has introduced a new stream to help employers fill in-demand jobs in the province.

As part of the new Occupations in Demand stream, employers will be able to hire prospective immigrants for positions, such as nurses, accommodation housekeepers, truckers, and construction labourers which cannot be filled through the local job market.

Matthew MacKay, Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture Minister, stated:

"Prince Edward Island is facing significant labour shortages, while also experiencing an increased demand for specific skills. Staffing is becoming a significant challenge for many employers and this stream is helping address this issue."

The minister added that,

"More than ever before, immigration has an important role in filling labour gaps and strengthening our workforce so together we can move forward in our province’s economic recovery."

The Occupations in Demand stream is an employer-driven program that allows Island employers to fill specific positions not filled by the local job market. This stream may be used to recruit talent domestically and internationally.

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