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Nova Scotia has announced research support for Ukrainian students and researchers

The province of Nova Scotia has announced research support for students and academics fleeing Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Emergency Research Support Program will provide funding to undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students and researchers who are accepted by a Nova Scotian institution to continue their studies and research in Canada.

The scholarships are offered by the province of Nova Scotia to offset some of the expenses associated with equipping offices and labs, leasing or sharing equipment, and integrating visiting Ukrainians into a Nova Scotian education system.

The institutions that have accepted displaced Ukrainian students may apply for funding that will support their research and help them connect with supervisors. Individuals may also apply, so long as they have a host institution at the point of funding. Research Nova Scotia will work with research organizations and institutions to identify and provide funding for incoming research professionals.

Research Nova Scotia coordinates provincial research investments, obtains funds from partners and federal agencies, and provides support to researchers developing new technologies and solving real-world problems.

The government of Canada has opened a new immigration pathway for Ukrainians who want to permanently or temporarily move to Canada in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


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