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New Brunswick will invest heavily in tourism to attract more tourists

New Brunswick will invest heavily in tourism to attract more tourists

As announced by the government of New Brunswick on April 21, 2022, the province plans to invest in tourism to attract more visitors to the province and support the province's economic recovery from pandemics.

Tammy Scott-Wallace, the minister of tourism, heritage, and culture, presented the provincial budget for 2022-23 to the legislature and announced plans to increase funding for provincial parks, sports and recreation, the arts, and the film industry. In total, New Brunswick will spend $36 Million to promote tourism in the province.

Here are some highlights of the main estimates:

  • $4.1 million to promote and increase tourism in the province

  • $1.3 million to be invested in the Invitation strategy to promote New Brunswick as the province of choice to visit and in which to live and build a business

  • $20.3 million to be invested in provincial parks, which are major tourist attractions that provide many benefits to visitors, the environment, and the economy

  • An additional $3.2 million for the arts and culture sector to help it continue to inspire and engage people

  • An increase of $2.5 million to support the film, television and new media industry. The plan is to increase this annual investment to $20 million by 2026

  • $4.6 million to be invested to support organizations which provide an opportunity for sport participation and active living

Scott-Wallace said that "with the investments we are making, we will see the tourism, heritage, arts, sport and cultural sectors work in collaboration to assist in the province’s economic recovery."

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