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New Brunswick will hold a virtual international recruitment event

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

New Brunswick will hold a virtual international recruitment event where New Brunswick’s employers will be recruiting in the transportation sector.

International candidates who have experience in one of these two National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes are encouraged to get registered to receive an invitation to work in the province. These are Dispatchers (NOC 1525) and Transport truck drivers (NOC 7511).

Dispatchers operate radios and other telecommunication equipment to dispatch emergency vehicles and coordinate the activities of drivers and other personnel. They are employed by police, fire, and health departments, other emergency service agencies, taxi, delivery, and courier services, trucking and utility companies, and other commercial and industrial establishments.

Transport truck drivers operate heavy trucks to transport goods and materials over urban, interurban, provincial, and international routes. They are also employed by transportation, manufacturing, distribution and moving companies, and trucking employment service agencies, or they may be self-employed. It also includes drivers of special purpose trucks and shunters who move trailers to and from loading docks within trucking yards or lots.

To participate in the events, applicants must prepare the following documents:

  • the photo page of the applicant’s current passport

  • visa for applicant’s current country of legal residence if it is not country of citizenship

  • language test results

  • ECA report

  • CV and

  • applicant’s spouse's CV (optional)

Once you register, you will receive an email confirming that they have received your information. Keep in mind that, only those selected will receive an invitation to participate. By registering for the event, you must understand that there is no guarantee or implied expectation that you will receive an invitation.

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