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More Afghan refugees were welcomed into Canada

More Afghan refugees were welcomed into Canada

The government of Canada announced on February 11, 2022 that over the past week, around 460 Afghan refugees arrived in Canada on 20 different commercial flights.

The number of Afghan nationals who have arrived in Canada has reached 7,550 with the last group of refugees. In addition, on February 3, British Columbia admitted 90 government-assisted refugees.

These refugees were welcomed by Musqueam elders and accepted to their territory. Over 90 Afghan newcomers have been resettled in Canada in the past week, mainly in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver.

The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship stated:

"It is extraordinary to watch our communities welcome some of the world’s most vulnerable. I am encouraged to see more Afghan refugees landing safely in Canada, with nearly 460 people arriving on 20 commercial flights in the last week alone."

The minister also said that,

"I want to thank the Musqueam elders in particular for their beautiful gesture in welcoming some of our newest neighbours to their traditional and unceded territory."

The government assists refugees in resettling in communities that have resettlement service providers funded by IRCC. Also, the province of Quebec receives separate funding to provide similar services as part of the Canada-Quebec Accord.


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