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Miscellaneous Canadian Immigration News and Updates—November 10, 2023


Canada's immigration landscape is experiencing significant developments and changes. In this article, we will explore recent news snippets related to Canadian immigration, shedding light on various aspects of the immigration system and its impact on the country's workforce, economy, and newcomers.

Ontario Pioneers a More Inclusive Job Market

The Government of Ontario is taking proactive steps to create a more inclusive job market by proposing legislation that would prohibit employers from requiring "Canadian work experience" in job applications. This move aims to address labor shortages and provide opportunities for internationally trained immigrants to secure positions that align with their qualifications and expertise. By removing this requirement, Ontario seeks to foster the integration of newcomers and enhance the province's workforce.

Canadian Immigration Levels Experience a Downturn

September marked the fourth consecutive monthly drop in immigration to Canada. According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) data, the country accepted 32,065 new permanent residents in September, representing an 8.5% decrease from August. Despite a rebound in May, the monthly immigration rate has steadily declined by 30.3% in the past five months. This decline highlights the challenges posed by the ongoing global pandemic and its impact on immigration levels. However, Canada remains committed to welcoming newcomers and is on track to receive approximately 494,853 new permanent residents by the end of 2023.

Navigating Labor Market Shifts

Canada's tech and construction sectors have experienced growth despite the rise in unemployment rates. Although the country's unemployment rate rose to 5.7% in October, job gains in construction and information, culture, and recreation offset losses in trade and manufacturing. Employment in the construction sector grew by 23,000 jobs, while the information, culture, and recreation sector added 21,000 jobs. These developments indicate opportunities for job seekers in these industries. However, it is crucial to address the challenges faced by younger workers, as job numbers fell among teenage girls and young women.

Promising Salary Outlook

Employed Canadians may expect an average salary increase of 3.6% in 2024. According to a study conducted by financial consulting firm Normandin Beaudry, industries such as STEM, Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Accommodation and Food Services may witness above-average pay rises. Quebec, Yukon, Ontario, and British Columbia are predicted to experience salary growth in line with or exceeding the national average, making these provinces attractive for job seekers. The combination of competitive salaries and Canada's high quality of life contributes to the country's appeal as a destination for potential newcomers.


In conclusion, Canadian immigration continues to evolve, reflecting the dynamic nature of the country's labor market and its commitment to inclusivity and economic growth. Ontario's proposed legislation to eliminate the requirement for "Canadian work experience" opens doors for internationally trained immigrants, promoting their integration and enhancing the labor force. Despite recent declines in immigration levels, Canada remains dedicated to welcoming newcomers and facilitating their settlement and contribution to society. The growth in certain sectors, such as tech and construction, provides opportunities for job seekers in these industries. Additionally, the positive salary outlook across various sectors and provinces further enhances Canada's appeal as a destination for individuals seeking new opportunities.

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