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Latest Canadian Immigration News: Record-breaking Numbers, Popular Cities, and Temporary Residents

Canadian immigration news

Canada's immigration landscape has been evolving, and here are the latest updates to keep you informed.

Canada's Immigration Rate Continues Declining, But Record-breaking Numbers Expected

According to the latest data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Canada's immigration rate has declined for the third consecutive month. However, despite this decline, it is still projected that Canada will reach a record-breaking number of new permanent residents by the end of the year. In August alone, Canada welcomed 34,925 new permanent residents, marking a 14.1% decrease from July. From January to August of this year, Canada received a total of 338,905 new permanent residents, putting the country on track to welcome 508,357 by year-end. These numbers far surpass the immigration targets set by the Canadian government for the coming years, indicating a strong and steady influx of newcomers.

Eight Canadian Cities Becoming Popular Destinations for Newcomers

Montreal, Quebec's Boucherville, Edmonton, Halifax, Quebec City, Burlington, Toronto, and Vancouver are emerging as increasingly popular destinations among new immigrants to Canada. These cities offer a wide range of opportunities and attractions that appeal to immigrants from different backgrounds. Whether it's Montreal's vibrant multiculturalism, Halifax's breathtaking natural beauty, or Toronto's bustling urban life, each city has its own unique charm and appeal. Moreover, these cities provide not only economic prospects and job opportunities but also a welcoming and inclusive environment for newcomers to settle and thrive. With affordable housing options, quality healthcare, and excellent education systems, these cities strive to make the transition for new immigrants as seamless as possible.

Canada Welcomed 700,000 New Temporary Residents in Just One Year

Statistics Canada reported a significant increase in the number of temporary residents in Canada. As of the second quarter of 2023, the number has risen by nearly 700,000 year-on-year. It is projected that this number will continue to grow, reaching 2.5 million by the end of the year. Many of these temporary residents aspire to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) through Canada's economic immigration options. However, the number of PR spots available is limited compared to the number of temporary residents in Canada. These figures highlight the strong interest and demand for Canadian immigration, indicating the country's appeal as a destination for individuals seeking new opportunities.

IRCC Consultations and Settlement Programs

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently released the findings of its Call for Proposals (CFP) 2024 Stakeholder consultations. IRCC runs the Settlement Program and Resettlement Assistance Program, which support newcomers in Canada. Through partnerships with organizations nationwide, IRCC funds programs that have a significant impact on newcomers. The consultations gathered feedback from the settlement sector on changes being considered for CFP 2024. The Canadian government invests approximately $2 billion annually in settlement services, collaborating with service provider organizations (SPOs), non-IRCC funded organizations, and officials from local governments. These settlement programs aim to provide newcomers with vital information, language training, employment assistance, and housing support.

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