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January 2024 Launch: The New Quebec Immigrant Investor Program


As January 2024 approaches, the business immigration landscape in Canada is poised for a significant transformation with the launch of the revamped Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP). This program, a cornerstone of Quebec's immigration strategy, is set to introduce a series of comprehensive changes, marking a new era for investors looking to call Canada their home.

The reimagined QIIP places a stronger emphasis on the socio-economic integration of its participants into the Quebecois fabric. A key change in this direction is the requirement for Level 7 French-language proficiency, underscoring the province's commitment to cultural assimilation and linguistic prowess. This requirement is a clear indication of Quebec's dedication to fostering a cohesive society, blending economic growth with cultural richness.

In a move to ensure more substantial involvement in the local economy, the program now necessitates investors to secure a work permit, adding a layer of economic participation to the investment process. This shift signifies a more holistic approach to immigration, where the economic contribution is balanced with active participation in the workforce.

Education plays a pivotal role in the new QIIP, with the inclusion of a secondary school diploma requirement. This criterion reflects the program's broader vision of attracting investors who are not only financially capable but also bring educational and professional expertise to the table.

The program also introduces a residency requirement, mandating a six-month stay in Quebec post-permit acquisition. This stipulation is a strategic move to attract genuine investors who are invested in becoming part of the local community, rather than merely seeking investment returns.

From a financial standpoint, the program continues to demand significant investment, with a requirement of $1 million, coupled with a $200,000 contribution to IQ Immigrants Investisseurs. These figures are reflective of the program's aim to draw substantial economic benefits for the province.

The QIIP's overhaul comes at a time when Quebec is actively welcoming new residents, as evidenced by the 68,705 new permanent residents and 89,765 temporary foreign workers it hosted in 2023. These numbers are a testament to the province's robust and inclusive immigration policy, which the QIIP seeks to further augment.

In navigating these new requirements, the expertise of Mesidor Canadian Immigration Services becomes invaluable. As a seasoned firm in Canadian immigration matters, we offer comprehensive guidance to prospective investors, ensuring they not only meet the QIIP's criteria but also integrate seamlessly into Quebec's dynamic community.



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