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Internationally Trained Nurses: A Fresh Pulse in Prince Edward Island's Healthcare

Internationally Trained Nurses

In the serene landscape of Prince Edward Island (PEI), a healthcare revolution is quietly unfolding. The province has recently made headlines for its significant strides in healthcare staffing, particularly with the hiring of over 500 internationally trained nurses and care support workers. This influx of new talent is a testament to the province's commitment to addressing staffing shortages and enhancing patient care.

The journey of these healthcare professionals to PEI is a narrative of global outreach and local innovation. Health PEI, in collaboration with the Recruitment and Retention Secretariat and the Public Service Commission, has been the architect of this transformation. Since January 2023, the province has welcomed 547 staff into various roles, including 201 registered nurses and 9 nurse practitioners, with 147 fresh graduates among them.

The province's new online External Registered Nurse Application Portal has been a game-changer, simplifying the application process and attracting both local and international applicants. This initiative has not only streamlined the hiring process but also created a more efficient applicant experience. The portal has seen 70 applicants since its inception, including 45 internationally trained nurses, all at various stages of the hiring process.

PEI's global recruitment missions have also borne fruit, with 57 employment offers made to nurses from Dubai and Singapore. These efforts are set to continue, with a second Dubai mission planned for 2024, aiming to hire 200 more internationally trained nurses.

The impact of these hires is multifaceted. Not only does it alleviate the workload of existing staff, but it also brings diverse experiences and perspectives to the healthcare system. The province has also created numerous new positions, supporting new and expanding programs and services, such as patient medical homes.

Internationally trained nurses are integral to this success story. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and skills, contributing to a dynamic and culturally competent workforce. Their integration into the healthcare system is supported by Health PEI's internal talent acquisition team, ensuring a smooth transition and timely placement.

The narrative of PEI's healthcare staffing is one of proactive measures and innovative solutions. It's a narrative that speaks to the heart of community and care, where every new nurse and care worker is a thread in the fabric of the province's healthcare tapestry.



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