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In-person mail-in passport requests are now available at 300 locations in Canada

In-person mail-in passport requests are now available at 300 locations in Canada

The government of Canada is now able to process in-person mail-in passport requests at select Service Canada locations. Canadians can now submit their passport application in person at any of the 300 Service Canada locations across the country. This is a significant change from the previous process, which required Canadians to mail in their passport application. The new in-person service is available for all types of passport requests, including first-time applications, renewals, and replacements.

Applicants can receive an in-person service for mail-in passport requests in over 300 local Service Canada locations. Now they can make the request even if their need for a passport is not so urgent, for example, if they plan to leave the country in the next few weeks instead of a couple of days. Until now, applicants could only request an in-person service for mail-in passports by visiting one of 35 dedicated Service Canada offices across Canada or by contacting a call centre.

Anyone who completed their application by mail more than 20 business days ago, and has proof that they are traveling within 20 business days of the date they asked for a transfer, will be covered by the new policy. Depending on when the person plans to travel, the application will either be expedited and their passport mailed to them, or their file will be transferred to a local office for printing and pickup. In cases where applicants haven't waited the required 20 days but still need their passports urgently, they can ask to have their applications transferred to a Service Canada location, but extra fees will apply.

Within 20 business days of receiving an application, the government hopes to process 90 percent of applications mailed from within Canada or made at a Service Canada counter. The government attributes the lengthy delays to the low number of people who renewed or applied for new passports during the COVID-19 pandemic. With people able to more readily and safely leave the country now, the suppressed demand has descended upon the government all at once.

To request a Canadian passport, you must submit a completed application form, as well as proof of Canadian citizenship and identification. You can submit your application online, by mail, or in person at a Passport Canada office.

If you are submitting your application online, you will need to create an account and provide your personal information, as well as your contact information and an emergency contact. You will also need to upload a photo of yourself that meets the passport photo requirements.

Once you have submitted your application, you will need to pay the application fee and arrange for your passport to be delivered to you. You can choose to have your passport delivered by courier, or you can pick it up in person at a Passport Canada office.

To conclude, in-person mail-in passport requests are now available at 300 locations in Canada. This makes it easier and faster for Canadians to get their passports. If you need help with your passport application, contact us at Mesidor Canadian Immigration Services.


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