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Foreign students find Canada to be one of the best places to study abroad

Foreign students find Canada to be one of the best places to study abroad

According to IDP Connect's latest Emerging Futures report, Canada ranked first among international study destinations, with 26 percent of respondents choosing it as their top choice.

The USA followed Canada with 20% and the UK and Australia in joint third place (19%). While the US was perceived as providing the best quality of education, Canada was rated number one for graduate employment prospects, work benefits, welfare, etc.

The findings also showed that according to over two-thirds (66%) of respondents, proper implementation of post-graduation employment opportunities can result in long-term benefits for both students and the receiving nations.

Furthermore, the study shows that good post-study employment practices can benefit students and receiving countries for a very long time. In addition to the quality of education, post-study employment opportunities are a key driver of choice. More than half of respondents (52%) and almost two thirds (63%) cited these reasons as their first choice.

However, the survey results showed that students will only consider changing their original location of choice if they are offered better scholarships, guaranteed employment post-graduation, and lower tuition fees.


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