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Fairs for Canadian immigrants in 2022

Fairs for Canadian immigrants in 2022

With more than 1 million immigrants expected to arrive in Canada in the next few years and many more arriving on student and temporary visas, helping immigrants thrive in Canada has never been more important.

The Canadian Immigrant Fair is a one-day event that takes place in nine cities across Canada and aims to educate newcomers about careers, education, and settlement. The first Immigrant Fairs took place in Halifax and Atlantic Canada on May 3 and in Toronto on June 23.

The next fairs will be held on July 8 in Winnipeg, August 26 in Calgary, and November 3, 2022, in Vancouver. The fair offer immigrants the opportunity to find jobs, return to school, and settle in to their new home in a dynamic environment.

Therefore, their mission is to connect newcomers to employers, recruiters, immigrant service providers, education institutions, and government services that can enable them to succeed in Canada.

During the fair, the Canadian Immigrant Team will be implementing protocols set out by the government, as well as procedures set out by each venue to ensure the safety of their team, exhibitors, speakers, and attendees.


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