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Canada’s Enhanced Support for Asylum Seekers


The landscape of global displacement is undergoing significant changes, with many countries, including Canada, experiencing a surge in asylum claims. This has inevitably placed a considerable strain on the nation's shelter systems, especially as colder months loom. In a recent development, the Honourable Kamal Khera, representing the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced a $7 million investment by the Canadian government to establish a new reception center in Peel Region. This initiative is aimed at providing streamlined services and additional shelter to asylum claimants, a move that aligns with Canada's long-standing commitment to supporting those seeking refuge within its borders.

Canada's response to the rising numbers of asylum seekers is multifaceted. The Interim Housing Assistance Program (IHAP), for instance, has been a critical component of this response. Since 2017, nearly $700 million has been allocated to provinces and municipalities through IHAP to manage the increased demand for housing asylum claimants. In an extension of this commitment, an additional $212 million has been earmarked for the program. These funds are instrumental in easing the accommodation pressures faced by local shelters, especially in urban centers like Toronto, which has received significant funding under IHAP.

Apart from financial assistance, the federal government has also taken proactive steps in procuring temporary accommodations to mitigate local shelter stresses. Nearly 3,800 temporary rooms across Canada are currently providing housing for over 7,000 asylum claimants. This approach reflects a dynamic adaptation to local needs and the evolving demands of the asylum situation in Canada.

The federal government's efforts extend beyond immediate housing needs. In November 2022, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) introduced a temporary public policy granting asylum claimants timely access to open work permits. This policy has already led to over 53,000 initial work permits being issued, allowing claimants to enter the Canadian labor market sooner and support themselves while awaiting decisions on their asylum claims. This strategic move not only empowers asylum seekers but also reduces their reliance on social assistance and other supports, integrating them into the community and economy more effectively.

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