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Canada has updated the new instructions regarding revocation of citizenship

Canada has updated the new instructions regarding revocation of citizenship

The government of Canada has introduced a new public delivery update regarding the revocation of citizenship which was on the February 21, 2022.

The new instructions clarify the process for revoking Canadian citizenship and assist the Case Management Branch (CMB) in evaluating cases in which an individual's citizenship is being considered for revocation due to reasons such as false representation, fraud, or knowingly concealing material circumstances.

In cases where the IRCC suspects misrepresentation, the Compliance Inspections and Investigations Division (CIID) gathers and collates relevant information on potential revocation of citizenship cases. Also, the government also updated the instructions for general information on revocation of citizenship.

The purpose of the non-statutory request for information letter is to inform the individual that the IRCC has information indicating that the individual may have obtained Canadian citizenship through false representation or fraud, or by knowingly concealing material circumstances, and considers formally beginning revocation proceedings.

As a result, the letter gives the individual 30 days to respond with written submissions, including any special circumstances that warrant special consideration. When submissions (if any) have been received in response to the request for information letter, the Minister's delegate in CPCD will review and consider the submissions.

The Minister's delegate will also decide whether the potential revocation file will be closed or whether an individual notification letter will be issued. According to the Citizenship Act, the Minister must consider all written representations made by the individual, including submissions pertaining to personal circumstances that warrant special consideration and whether revoking citizenship will make the individual stateless.

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