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  • Writer's pictureArisnel Mesidor, M.A., RCIC

Canada has updated public policy allowing certain visitors to apply for work permit

The government of Canada introduced a new update regarding the public policy allowing certain visitors in Canada to apply for an interim authorization to work on May 27, 2022.

As of now, a foreign national on a visitor visa who has received a positive public policy decision on their work permit application may continue working until a decision is made, even if they have departed and returned to Canada.

Before being permitted to enter Canada, visitors must satisfy a border services officer at the port of entry that they meet all admissibility criteria. The public policy will allow eligible foreign nationals with valid temporary resident status as visitors to apply for a job offer-supported work permit from inside Canada.

Also, the public policy will exempt eligible foreign nationals from the requirement that a work permit not be issued if they have not complied with certain temporary residence conditions. In addition to that, it will allow eligible former temporary foreign workers to work while a decision on their work permit application is pending.

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