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Canada has implemented new border measures for travellers

Canada has implemented new border measures for travellers

The government of Canada implemented new border measures for international travellers on February 28, 2022.

As of now, travellers will be allowed to enter Canada with a pre-arrival antigen test instead of a molecular test. The test must still be taken within 72 hours before the scheduled flight or arrival at the border. In addition, all Canadian airports will resume international flights.

Also, unvaccinated children no longer have to be isolated for 14 days. All international travellers still must submit their profile into ArriveCAN and upload their information before arriving at the Canadian border.

If travellers do not submit their information through ArriveCAN, they may be denied boarding if arriving by air and may be denied entry into Canada if crossing at a land, rail or marine border crossing. Canadian citizens, permanent residents, persons registered under the Indian Act and foreign nationals who are eligible for another entry exemption (such as foreign work, study, compassionate grounds) will not be denied boarding or entry.

However, they won't be eligible for the fully vaccinated traveller exemption, may face additional delays at the border for public health questioning and may be subject to fines or enforcement action. Each province or territory has their own website of their final destination for restrictions and quarantine requirements.

So, it is advisable for travellers to check their final province or territory of destination whether they drive, fly, or take the train to Canada. The province or territory in Canada include:


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