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An exhibition dedicated to immigrants was held by New Brunswick

An exhibition dedicated to immigrants was held by New Brunswick

New Brunswick holds an exhibition of photographs dedicated to the important role of immigrants to Canada who work in essential occupations such as healthcare, agriculture, food processing, and transportation.

The “Héros de l’immigration” (Heroes of Immigration) introduces the best contributions of the 21 most successful francophone immigrants to Canada. The exhibition’s official website stated that,

"in Canada, every fourth healthcare worker is an immigrant and more than 50,000 temporary foreign workers support Canada’s agricultural and food processing industries every year."

According to RCI, the immigration network's communications director, Sara Azhari, helped connect Champagne with newcomers so she could photograph them and collect their stories.

She said that,

"They kept fighting to provide us with all these services that allowed us to move forward even though the pandemic was very hard, And this project also points to the fact that a lot of essential workers are immigrants, and we wanted to highlight their contribution in managing the COVID-19 crisis."

The portraits in the exhibit were accompanied by QR codes that provided access to video testimonials from each essential worker. Most of them described how they overcame obstacles to continue working.

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