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Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Updates 2023


In recent immigration news, Alberta has made substantial updates to its immigration program — the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP). The updates are crucial for potential immigrants who plan to make Alberta their new home. They impact several areas of the immigration process, from application inventories to draw schedules. Let's discuss it in detail.

In December 2023, significant changes were introduced to the AAIP inventory. As per the release, the Alberta Opportunity Stream recorded 3,232 applications, while the Rural Renewal Stream noted 1,087 applications. Furthermore, the Express Entry stream, which encompasses various pathways such as Family Connection and In-Demand Occupation Streams, Dedicated Healthcare Pathway, Priority Sectors, and the Accelerated Tech Pathway, collectively accounted for 832 applications. Significantly, two fresh draws took place on November 21 and December 5, 2023, inviting 11 and 19 candidates working in the healthcare sector, respectively. In total, Alberta extended invitations to 3,549 candidates across all AAIP streams in the current year.

Tourism and hospitality are sectors that were severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, facing considerable labour shortages that impede recovery and growth. Addressing this issue, AAIP aims to launch a new immigration stream dedicated to the tourism and hospitality industry. It is expected to offer a faster and dedicated route to permanent residency for newcomers working in these sectors. The Alberta government is currently engaged in designing this new stream; more details are expected to be available in the months to come.

Offering pathways to provincially vetted individuals to secure permanent residence, AAIP routinely holds draws for different immigration streams. One of the most important features of these draws is their focus on the provincial labour market needs and demographic goals. The recently conducted draws on November 21 and December 5, 2023, invited healthcare professionals, signifying the value and urgency of healthcare workers in the province's current socio-economic dynamics. In fact, Alberta is set to allocate up to 30% of the available Express Entry allocations for 2023 to healthcare professionals.

These updates present critical insights into Alberta's evolving immigration schema. They show a clear focus on addressing labour shortages and boosting provincial economic recovery by channeling both domestic and global skills, especially in high-demand areas such as healthcare. Therefore, potential immigrants need to stay abreast of these updates as they shape not only their immigration prospects but also future opportunities within the province. As Mesidor Canadian Immigration Services, we are always poised to offer expert guidance and facilitate your immigration process to Alberta.

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