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Bourses d'excellence offertes aux étudiants internationaux par le Québec

Dernière mise à jour : 29 mars 2022

Merit scholarships offered for international students by Quebec

The government of Quebec offers the Merit Scholarship program for foreign students at the university level, in technical training at the college level as well as in vocational training.

The Merit Scholarship program aims to encourage recruitment of the best international students into programs in the province, with a good job and research prospects. The program offers students a scholarship, an exemption from the differential tuition fees paid by international students, and health insurance and hospitalization coverage.

For doctoral research programs, the scholarship is $25 000 per year. This scholarship has a maximum duration of three years, with a possible extension of up to 12 months. If an extension is granted, a monthly allowance of $1000 is provided.

For post-doctoral fellows, the scholarship is $35 000 for one year and is non-renewable. Also, for short-term research stays or professional development, the scholarship is $3 000 per month, for a period of up to four months.

To be eligible, students must pursue studies or research activities at a Québec university, in a doctoral or post-doctoral fellowship program or as part of a short-term research stay or professional development.

Initially, candidates are preselected by universities, whose applications are then submitted to the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologies (FRQNT). When submitting an application, contact the university you are interested in.

The merit scholarships are valued at $14 000 per year for technical training at the college level. To be eligible, students must pursue full-time studies in a technical training program at the college level leading to a Diploma of College Studies (DCS). Candidates must submit an application by contacting the CEGEP or private college that they are interested in.

The vocational training for the merit scholarships also varies between $14 000 and $26 600, based on the duration of the training program. For eligible students, they must successfully pursue full-time studies in a vocational training program leading to one of Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) or DVS followed by an Attestation of Vocational Specialization (AVS).

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